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Boundless Cybersecurity Bundle

Build the perfect Boundless Cybersecurity strategy that matches the business and security objectives of your organization. The more you improve your security posture, the more you save. The SonicWall Boundless Cybersecurity Bundle is the mix-and-match approach tailored for you, by you. How it works:


Capture Client Upgrade Promotion

Don’t let substandard endpoint protection take you down. Replace your existing endpoint protection solution with SonicWall Capture Client (NGAV) and get up to a year free.


Switch to Cloud App Security

Boost the security of cloud applications, including email, messaging, file-sharing and file storage, and increase protection across Office 365 and G Suite environments. Replace your existing Secure Email Gateway product with SonicWall Cloud App Security (CAS) and get up to one year free.

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