Professional Installation

Why choose us to install your SonicWall?

SonicWall Certified Installation: Our engineers are certified by SonicWall and as a Gold partner we are involved in daily install and support work on SonicWall products.

Many of our customers are great Network/Systems managers, but they opt for us to do the initial installation. Even though they may be technically strong, the products are specialised; every firewall vendor has it own system of creating rules and policies, so it is simply not possible to stay up to speed, without hands on experience in multiple network scenarios and regular training by the vendor on changes and enhancements.

This is about risk management; incorrect configuration could have severe implications. 

Once installed, you can manage it, with our assistance where needed, or you can simply log the call and leave it to us. Whichever works for you.

What’s included:

  • A scoping session over the phone
  • 1 Day, 2 or 3 Days on site by a SonicWall Certified Engineer with extensive project experience, depending on the product.
  • Physical installation of appliance
  • Licensing of appliance
  • Rule configuration of firewall and Security service such as Capture ATP, Gateway Anti Virus, IPS, Content Filter
  • Setup of reporting
  • Backup of configuration
  • Remote access for support
  • Documentation and Handover