SonicWall Promotions

SonicWall Launch Promotion

Save up to 20% on new SOHO 250 & TZ350 Models

The new SOHO 250 and TZ350 are the latest additions in the SonicWall firewall portfolio. With out Launch Promotion get three years of the SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) for the price of two PLUS three years of single-pane-of-glass cloud management via SonicWall Capture Security Center.

Go to the Product Page for SOHO 250 or TZ350 models and select the Launch Promo with 3 YR AGSS & cloud Management price option. 


SonicWall Competitive Takeout Promotion

Switch to SonicWall. Get the firewall for free.

Purchase a three-year subscription of the SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS), which includes the real-time SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection cloud sandbox, and receive the next-generation SonicWall firewall appliance for free.

The following competitor products qualify for this promotion:

SonicWall TZ Series Competitor Upgrades

Cisco :

PIX 501, PIX 506, ASA 5505, ASA 5510, ASA 5512-X, MX84, MX100


FG 30B/D Series, FG 40C Series, FG 50B Series, FG 60 Series, FG 80C/D Series, FG 70D Series, FG 90D Series, FG 92D Series, FG 100 Series, FC 110C


NetScreen 5GT Series, SSG-5 Series, SSG-20 Series, SRX-100 Series, SRX-110 Series, SRX-210 Series, SRX-220 Series, SRX-240 Series, NS-25

Palo Alto Networks:

PA-200, PA-500, PA-2020


XG 115 / 115W, XG 125 / 125W, XG 135 / 135W, XG 210, XG 230


X-Edge Series, X-Edge eSeries, SOHO6 Series, Firebox T10, XTM 22/23/25/26/33/115/330, X550e, X750e, X700, X500, XTM525, XTM535

If you have one of the above you can upgrade with:

TZ400 TZ400 WirelessTZ500TZ500 WirelessTZ600


SonicWall NSa Series Competitor Upgrades 

Cisco - ASA 5510, MX84, MX100

Fortinet - FG 100 Series, FG 101 Series, FG 140 Series, FG 200 Series, FG 300 Series

Juniper - NS-25

Palo Alto Networks - PA-200, PA-220

Sophos - XG 210, XG 230, XG 310, XG 330

WatchGuard - T70, M300, X500, X550e, X700, X750e, XTM525, XTM535

If you have one of the above you can upgrade with:

NSA 2650


SonicWall Secure Upgrade  

SonicWall's ongoing Secure Upgrade is available to anyone upgrading from a previous SonicWall or a competitor's appliance to a product from the latest generation.

  • Get two years of services for the price of one
  • Move licences from your existing appliance
  • Upgrade from almost any other gateway device

From our Products lists, go to the product of your choice and select the Secure Upgrade price option.