SonicWall Promotions

SonicWall Competitive Takeout Promotion

Switch to SonicWall. Get the firewall for free.

Purchase a three-year subscription of the SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS), which includes the real-time SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection cloud sandbox, and receive the next-generation SonicWall firewall appliance for free.

The following competitor products qualify for this promotion:

SonicWall TZ Series Competitor Upgrades

Cisco :

PIX 501, PIX 506, ASA 5505, ASA 5510, ASA 5512-X, MX84, MX100


FG 30B/D Series, FG 40C Series, FG 50B Series, FG 60 Series, FG 80C/D Series, FG 70D Series, FG 90D Series, FG 92D Series, FG 100 Series, FC 110C


NetScreen 5GT Series, SSG-5 Series, SSG-20 Series, SRX-100 Series, SRX-110 Series, SRX-210 Series, SRX-220 Series, SRX-240 Series, NS-25

Palo Alto Networks:

PA-200, PA-500, PA-2020


XG 115 / 115W, XG 125 / 125W, XG 135 / 135W, XG 210, XG 230


X-Edge Series, X-Edge eSeries, SOHO6 Series, Firebox T10, XTM 22/23/25/26/33/115/330, X550e, X750e, X700, X500, XTM525, XTM535

If you have one of the above you can upgrade with:

TZ400 TZ400 WirelessTZ500TZ500 WirelessTZ600


SonicWall NSa Series Competitor Upgrades 

Cisco - ASA 5510, MX84, MX100

Fortinet - FG 100 Series, FG 101 Series, FG 140 Series, FG 200 Series, FG 300 Series

Juniper - NS-25

Palo Alto Networks - PA-200, PA-220

Sophos - XG 210, XG 230, XG 310, XG 330

WatchGuard - T70, M300, X500, X550e, X700, X750e, XTM525, XTM535

If you have one of the above you can upgrade with:

NSA 2650


SonicWall Secure Upgrade  

SonicWall's ongoing Secure Upgrade is available to anyone upgrading from a previous SonicWall or a competitor's appliance to a product from the latest generation.

  • Get two years of services for the price of one
  • Move licences from your existing appliance
  • Upgrade from almost any other gateway device

From our Products lists, go to the product of your choice and select the Secure Upgrade price option.