SonicWall TZ470
SonicWall TZ470
SonicWall TZ470

TZ470 Video Brochure

Designed for small organizations and distributed enterprise with SD-Branch locations.

  • 3.5 Gbps maximum throughput
  • 600 Mbps SSL DPI throughput
  • 2 - 150 SSL VPN licences
  • 150 site-to-site VPN tunnels

The TZ470 series deliver industry-validated
security effectiveness with best-in-class price-performance. Ideally for 40-60 Users.

Powered by SonicOS 7.0 with a new modern UX/UI, the TZ470/TZ470W appliance is scalable featuring in-built and expandable storage of up to 256GB. Available in both wired and wireless versions. 

Suited to small and distributed businesses, the SonicWall TZ470/TZ470W gives 1.5Gbps of UTM throughput with a good connection count.

3.5Gbps Firewall | 1.5Gbps Full UTM | Integrated SD-WAN



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SonicWall TZ470

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