Have you seen the latest Government Cyber Security Guidelines for your Business?

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We've been involved in cyber security long before it became a trending topic. However, there has been a real focus on it this year for most businesses, and it will be even more crucial next year. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has also been great at providing regular guidelines for UK businesses to follow in terms of cyber security, backup, and disaster recovery. These guidelines are especially helpful in combating the rising cyber crime that surrounds us every day.

For your interest, below is a slide show by SonicWall showing the latest threats affecting SME and mid-market businesses. It’s not overly technical, it’s more about the statistics, where the risks are, and how they affect you and me every day. As an example, malware attacks are actually down from the year before, and IoT devices and encrypted pages are a real target. Which means that we need to consider how we scan websites that our staff uses and how we configure our networks to ensure that the non-computer devices that access the internet are secure.

We have attached a security brief that our MD wrote recently regarding considerations to take when securing Office 365 (Email, SharePoint, and Teams). It’s surprising how many people are not scanning their SharePoint data.

Additionally, SonicWall, as a global security leader, has come to the table with an offer to help our customers upgrade their firewalls and get the latest security technology for Office 365.  They have made available a trade-in programme, allowing you to trade in your old firewall, regardless of age and brand, against the very latest SonicWall technology.

Our offers to you:

  1. Free Security Risk Analysis by Breathe (RRP1150)
  2. Free Demo on the latest SonicWall Firewalls and Office 365 Plug-In
  3. Trade your old firewall against the latest SonicWall Technology (email Lindsey@breathetechnology.com)
  4. Your mystery Christmas discount code to buy SonicWall hardware online at www.sonicwallshop.com – MYSTERYDISCOUNT

Would you like us to arrange a Teams call?

Would you like us to arrange a Teams call?


1. SonicWall slideshow

2. Office 365 Security Brief

3. Mid-year-2023 cyber threat report

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